Drawing on jurisprudential, theological, and philosophical sources, this project explores the relationship between law and love.  In particular, it seeks to understand how the category of love can inform our understanding of the meaning, foundation, and ends of law.  Other recent projects have explored the relationship between law and love, including essays in Agape, Justice, and Law (Cochran and Calo, eds., Cambridge) and Law, Religion and Love (Babie and Savić, eds., Routledge).  This project builds on such recent work, while also inviting particular reflection on the fundamental normative connective between law and love.  In brief, the aim is to work towards developing the outlines of a theological jurisprudence organized around the category of love, focusing above all on the application of resources from within the Christian intellectual tradition.

We will convene a one-day workshop at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney) on Saturday, 20 July 2019.  It is expected that participants will have prepared papers in advance to be distributed and discussed by the group.  Our expectation is that these papers will be subsequently published in an edited volume.

Please send a brief proposal (200-300 words) to Zachary Calo (zcalo@hbku.edu.qa) and Joshua Neoh (joshua.neoh@anu.edu.au) by 1 April 2019.