Law, Life, and Culture: A Review of the 2023 Deus Ex Machina Conference

Jordan Aleksander Belor (University of Sunshine Coast)


I think there is nothing better for a conference than to be surrounded by a diverse group of people who seek the truth behind the mysteries of law. The Deus Ex Machina conference most certainly did not fall short of this expectation, and with careful consideration, planning and diligence, all was made possible by the team who organised and managed the event. Everyone was there for each other, new ideas projecting from the new and experienced minds of legal scholarship, and it was clear from the beginning of the event that there was a well-established ethos of support.

What I have come to realise is how everyone from all walks of life present at the conference not only specialises, or is specialising, in a particular field—clearly interdisciplinary thought has also proven quite valuable here—while sharing a passion for the law. More importantly, I realised that everyone is still learning. That is, what is crucial in the serendipitous and refreshing experience Deus Ex Machina offered is the relishing in knowledge and the pursuit of truth. No matter what has been presented at the conference, all the sessions I have had the pleasure to witness displayed a level of brilliance you cannot find elsewhere especially when great minds come together to express and foster valuable ideas.

As a PhD student nearing the end of their studies, the fostering of ideas extended to mentorship. The mentoring experience during the HDR Day provided a breath of fresh air surrounding meeting personal expectations towards the project and career. The mentor also offered a sense of solace reminding us that we are here to be heard, to listen, to exchange ideas, to expand our network but most importantly to be present. To that end, the overlapping and unique topics presented at the conference informed me about my own work but also offered me some practical reflections which will carry me through my journey as a legal scholar.