The 2016 edition of Law Text Culture, ‘Lives Lived with Law’, edited by Ann Genovese, Shaun McVeigh, and Peter D. Rush of the University of Melbourne Law School has just been published.   The collection includes articles and essays by John Docker (UWA), Ann Genovese, Kim Rubenstein (Law, ANU), Marett Leiboff (Legal Intersections Research Centre, UOW), Julie Evans (Criminology, University of Melbourne), C.F. Black (Griffith), Shaun McVeigh and a photo-essay by Peter D Rush. The collection is available in book form for purchase and is available online.

The next issue of Law Text Culture Volume 21 (2017) is being edited by Professor Chris Tomlins from UC Berkeley Law. The issue is entitled ‘”Law As …”:  Minor Jurisprudence in Historical Key.

Law Text Culture is a trans-continental peer reviewed journal. It publishes critical thinking and creative writing across a range of genres – from artwork and fiction to the traditional scholarly essay. Law Text Culture incites a dialogue crossing disciplines, exciting, in each, fresh perspectives along three axes of inquiry: * Politics: engaging the relationship of force and resistance; * Aesthetics: eliciting the relationship of judgment and expression; and Ethics: exploring the relationship of self and other. Law Text Culture promotes the exploration of these aspects of these themes through special issues.