Congratulations to Professor Katherine Biber and Professor Desmond Manderson, longstanding members of the Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia, for co-winning the inaugural Australian Legal Research Awards book prize. The prizes were announced on the 17th November 2020.

  • Professor Katherine Biber (UTS, Sydney) for her book In Crime’s Archive: The Cultural Afterlife of Evidence; and
  • Professor Desmond Manderson (ANU) for his book Danse Macabre: Temporalities of Law in the Visual Arts.

Congratulations also to association members short-listed for the book prize and for the non-traditional research output award:

  • Associate Professor Nicole Rogers (Southern Cross University) for her book Law, Fiction and Activism in a Time of Climate Change.
  • Dr Marc Trabsky (La Trobe University) for his book Law and the Dead: Technology, Relations and Institutions.
  • Dr Trish Luker (UTS) for her podcast Reading the Signs.

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